I shot the majority of this project while living in Los Angeles. Like any city, LA is full of voices. The only ones we tend to hear are those of the rich and famous; their songs and speeches drown out the voices of the common people who inhabit this city.

In major urban areas like LA, we tend to get used to the people who sit on curbs or push broken shopping carts. The people that talk to themselves because no one else will listen. The homeless in our cities are often forgotten, as after a while they become part of the city themselves; blending in like streetlights or bus stops, or any of the other things we walk by hundreds of times a day. 

The project is quite simple: a bagel for an unheard story. I was blown away that these people are content with their lives; if anything, they seem happier to have a friend to talk to rather than the food provided. My goal with this project is to give a voice to the voiceless.